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Republic of Kenya

Development Cooperation

Australia’s development cooperation with African nations helps to advance stability, growth and prosperity. We support countries of Sub-Saharan Africa with targeted development cooperation activities to help build food security and resilience, strengthen government capacity in key sectors, empower vulnerable communities, and share knowledge in areas such as climate adaptation and renewable energy.

Our development cooperation program reflects the diverse challenges and opportunities across the African continent. We tailor our support to help advance social and economic development in African nations, in areas where Australian can make the greatest difference through specific skills and expertise. This includes in the sectors of education, health, mining, and science and technology.

We deliver humanitarian and development support through partnerships, including with Australian agencies, NGOs, the UN, and other multilateral agencies. Australian education institutions are key partners in the delivery of training and skills development for governments, civil society and the private sector. We also provide support directly to community-level organisations through small grants.

Australia Awards Africa

Australia Awards Africa comprises scholarships and training opportunities for professionals and emerging leaders in Africa through Masters scholarships, Fellowships and executive short courses.  These education opportunities are available to officials of governments, civil society and the private sector. They are delivered by Australia’s world-class education institutions, and often with a local education partner.

By contributing to African leadership and human capacity development in  key sectors such as climate change adaptation, renewable energy, agriculture, and mining and extractives, Australia Awards help African nations to meet the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and food insecurity, and embrace new opportunities for development. Our support helps African nations grow and prosper, empower women and girls, advance human rights, equality and inclusion, and tap into the energy and entrepreneurship of their youth.

Civil society engagement

Australia is engaging with civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-government organisations (NGOs) to support and empower communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. These organisations offer a unique depth of understanding, skills and experience in working with communities. Support to civil society in Africa is primarily delivered through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), the Direct Aid Program (DAP), and the Australian Volunteers International (AVI).

Engaging with civil society in Sub-Saharan Africa


Australian volunteers achieve tangible results by supporting organisations in developing countries deliver on development objectives, help to increase knowledge of Australia, build personal ties between communities, promote cross-cultural understanding and contribute to public diplomacy. The Australian Volunteers program is part of the Australian Government's people-to-people program portfolio, connecting Australians to Australia's aid program.

Volunteer placements in Africa are currently focused in eastern and southern Africa, and complement other Australia's investments that contribute to poverty alleviation and economic growth. From 2018-2022, Australia has supported 107 volunteers working in 44 partner organisations in Africa. Volunteers are placed in a range of organisations in South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho and Tanzania.