Australian High Commission
Republic of Kenya

Visas, Migration and Citizenship

The Immigration Section of the Australian High Commission receives and processes visa and citizenship applications for people intending to travel to Australia. Travellers of all nationalities, except citizens of Australia and New Zealand, need to obtain a visa prior to travelling to Australia.

Please use our online enquiry form if you would like to make an immigration enquiry or would like to make an appointment at the Australian High Commission.

Visa finder

To find out which visa option is for you, see: Find a Visa

Beware of Visa Scams

The Australian High Commission in Nairobi has become aware of several visa scams. Please be cautious of any person offering 'guaranteed' Australian visas.

Country Coverage

The Australian High Commission in Nairobi provides Visa and Immigration services to residents of Kenya and 21 other countries in East, Central and West Africa.  However, a visa application can be processed by the Australian Government at any of its overseas missions or in Australia.  The Australian High Commission is also responsible for the Refugee and Humanitarian program for all sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information including how to contact us see: Immigration Services

Student visa applications are now processed by the Student hub at the Australian High Commission, Pretoria. See: Visas and Migration (

Visa Applications

As the Australian High Commission in Nairobi covers a large area for immigration services, there are several ways a visa application can be lodged. See: Making a Visa Application

Visa Application Charges

For information on Visa charges click here

Supporting Documentation

It is the responsibility of the visa applicant to include all information and documentation required to support their visa application.  Visa applications may be decided based on information and supporting evidence provided with the application without contacting the applicant to request further information. 

Information on the types of documents that should be included with a visa application is available on the Department of Home Affairs website, is included as part of the visa application form, or is available through Application Document Checklists available on the VFS website. Alternatively, you could consult with a registered migration agent.

For further information see: Application Document Checklist

Processing Times

Processing time for individual applications will vary and is dependent on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case, the planning levels and priority for the visa category the number of applications lodged and supporting documentation provided with the application. Every year the Australian Government sets the overall migration program as part of the Budget process. See: Nairobi Processing Times 

Citizenship by Descent: New Application Procedure

From 1 October 2020, new Citizenship by descent applications lodged outside Australia will be processed in Australia instead of the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. Paper applications should be addressed to:

Citizenship Section 

Department of Home Affairs 

GPO Box 794 



We strongly recommend that applications are lodged online. Applying online is our preferred way, it helps us to process your application faster.

Collecting Citizenship by Descent Certificates

Please arrange for collection of the citizenship by descent (CBD) certificate from the Department of Home Affairs, Nairobi Kenya through the following methods:

Collection in person from the Department of Home Affairs, Nairobi, Kenya

Access to the Australian High Commission Nairobi Kenya is by appointment only.

Appointments to collect CBD certificates are available between 09.00 – 10.00am from Monday to Friday. To book an appointment with the Immigration Section of the Australian High Commission, please send an email to [email protected].

If you are sending a third party to collect the certificate on your behalf, you are required to provide their full name and an authorisation letter to [email protected] when booking the appointment. Appointments will not be booked in cases where an authorisation letter for collection has not been received.

Collection by courier

If you are unable to collect the CBD certificate in person, please arrange for a courier service to collect the document from the Immigration Section of the Australian High Commission, Nairobi, Kenya. All costs associated with the courier services are the responsibility of the client. 

Please note that the Australian High Commission in Nairobi will not send certificates to other Australian missions for collection.

Citizenship Fees

For information on Citizenship Fees click here