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Business Partnerships Platform (BPP)

What is the Business Partnerships Platform? 

The Business Partnerships Platform (BPP) is an Australian Government program contributing directly to accelerating Australia's collaboration with business to address development challenges. In Kenya, the Australian Government has partnered with six organisations across three projects to create scalable, shared value partnerships that advance economic and social conditions.


Creating income from waste mango seeds for smallholders

This partnership brings together Best Tropical Fruits (BTF), a private Kenyan company, and Machakos County Mango Value Chain Association (MCMVCA), a farmer’s association, along with the Australian Government to increase incomes of smallholder mango farmers in Machakos, Kenya.

BTF will establish a processing plant to create products from waste mango seed and a new income stream for farmers. MCMVCA will work alongside BTF to improve the market access of its farmer members and identify constraints along the mango value chain. BTF’s business objective is to scale the enterprise to other areas in Kenya and other African countries.

This partnership aims to develop a scalable, sustainable, and commercially viable waste mango seed processing enterprise increasing incomes for smallholder mango farmers and contributing to a stronger and more effective MCMVCA.

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Clean energy product innovations

This partnership brings together international technology company KOKO Networks with the Australian Government to expand the range of clean energy appliances that can be served by KOKO’s existing bio-ethanol cooking fuel distribution network in Greater Nairobi. The partnership covers all phases of the new product development cycle:  user research, conceptual design, piloting, mass production, and market launch.

In line with KOKO and Australian Government’s shared objectives, the partnership places strong emphasis on delivering significant social (including gender) and environmental impact through technological innovation. Products that are developed through the partnership will eventually be launched into markets across Africa.

The partnership will help KOKO accelerate the development of scalable and replicable new clean energy solutions for households in East Africa and beyond. For households, the new solutions will enable cheaper access to energy, and drive major environmental benefits as customers transition away from dirty fuels.

KOKO Networks is supporting the COVID-19 response in Kenya through Safe Hands Kenya, a mission driven alliance of Kenyan organisations deploying free soap, handwashing stations and masks while disinfecting public spaces to limit the spread of COVID-19 in low income communities that have limited sanitation. Read more here.

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Ethical cotton production

This partnership brought together Base Titanium, Cotton On Group, Business for Development (B4D) and the Australian Government to improve economic development in Kwale County, provide opportunities for local communities to directly participate in the local economy, and create direct employment opportunities by establishing ethical cotton production in Kenya.

The partnership ensured smallholder farmers interested in growing cotton were equipped with the skills and training required to produce commercial quality cotton for sale into export markets and global supply chains, securing local livelihoods and the future success of the cotton industry in Kenya.

The initiative created a new ethical cotton source for Cotton On, in keeping with its vision that its cotton be 100 per cent sustainably sourced by 2021. This partnership reached 1,641 farmers, sufficient high quality cotton was harvested and exported to Bangladesh to be made into garments by Cotton On. Forty per cent of the cotton farmers trained under this initiative were women. Gender specific training and mentoring was provided where appropriate to encourage women’s participation, and gender and social inclusion training was conducted with the Kwale Farmer Cooperative Board, management and staff. Further, the partnership played an important role in Australian Government’s economic diplomacy with the Kenyan Government and further enhanced ‘brand Australia’ in mining in Africa.

Following the completion of the funding phase of this partnership, work continues in a number of key areas. Skills development programs for local farmers continue and a ginnery was constructed, funded by Base Titanium, with the aim of drawing cotton from surrounding regions and supplying Cotton On’s factories in Bangladesh. 

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